Industrial Thinner Manufacturer & Supplier

Angel Coating is offering a wide range of “Thinner” which are used in Nitrocellulose, Polyurethane, Melamine finish starting from general-purpose to highly customized thinner for getting specific properties.

The right selection of thinner is important to get the desired surface finish along with optimum drying time. It is a mixture of esters, glycol, aromatic solvents, and ketones.

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Thinners by Angel Coating

Applications of Thinner

Paint thinners are a class of solvents that may be used to dissolve paint, lessen its viscosity for use in sprayer applicators, or if you just need a thinner mixture to work with. They help with the general cleanup of spills or splatters and the removal of paint from brushes, rollers, and other surfaces since they break down paint.

Safety Tips

If you need to use paint thinner, always remember to wear appropriate PPE, at a minimum, gloves, goggles, and respirators.
This last one is very important as thinner will release fumes that could be absorbed and ingested through absorption and respiration.
This type of product needs to be stored carefully, preferably in open spaces.

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