#No.1 Wood Coatings, Wood Paints, Automotive Refinish & Industrial Coatings Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, India!

Our Products

Over 16 years (Since 2006) of experience & knowledge of international industrial systems, dedicated to providing the best Wood Coatings, Industrial Coatings & Automotive Refinish Solutions to our valued customers.

Creditable Integrity

A perfect epitome perfect modern-day art design which sets an example of how beautiful and bright colors easily gets blended in the right proportion to actually lead to a phenomenal contrast so as to brighten up your living space

Effective Team Work

Our employees are the heart of our company and we believe to create an atmosphere of trust and confidence so as to effectively co-operate each other to successfully meet our strategized goals as our resourceful team is an inseparable asset to the company

Quality Assurance

The assurance of the quality initiates from acquiring of the raw materials, its analytical testing and approval before market introduction, rigorous management of handling procedures, transitional quality research and approval of the end products are the basic requirements

About Angel Coating

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Angel Coating is the No.1 Brand Of Wood Coatings, Wood Paints, Automotive Refinish & Industrial Coatings Manufacturer & Supplier in  Ahmedabad, India. We also provide high-quality Industrial Coating & Wood Paints in India. Angel Coating was founded in the year 2006. It is a well-known firm for its reliable and high-quality products, and it has been identified as consistently developing in line with its services and competitiveness. Since 2006 the business has been providing the market with all of its high-tech gear and equipment.

#No. 1 Wood Coating Manufacturer Company In Ahmedabad, India

What we do?

We strive to maintain the highest standards while exceeding client’s expectations at all levels. Please find our services.

Working Environment

At this stage of time along with diminishing resources and a call for conservation of natural resources around the world, the conversation about the environment is an aspect that can no longer be ignored so we at Angel Coating strive to maintain a healthy working space surrounding our unit.

High Quality Products

Our high-grade products support to create varieties of dream homes every year and so we are regularly updating with new and vibrant color options to provide you with an unmatched color palette with exclusive alternatives.

We believe in “Make in India” which builds innovation with international scope to meet the challenges of the future!


We go to great lengths to identify impressive new talent self-starters with specific skill sets to produce truly amazing results.


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