NC Sanding Sealer

Angel Coating is offering a high-quality “NC Sanding Sealer” in Ahmedabad, India. Which is based on Nitrocellulose and specially modified Alkyd Resin.

Nitrocellulose Sanding Sealer is a special design formulation where wood grains and dents fill very well and give smooth surfaces by easy sanding for a topcoat of furniture, kitchen trays, musical instrument, etc.

Our Sanding Sealer is also a quick-drying, high-fill, clear wood undercoat. And offer excellent sealing properties, is easy to sand, and provides a great base for clear coat application.

For further information about NC Sanding Sealerplease mail us at and call us on +919429002704

Buy NC Sanding Sealer at Best Price in Ahmedabad, India
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