1K PU Glare

Angel Coating is offering high quality & affordable “Enamel Paints”.

1K PU Glare is a Solvent-based specially formulated Metallic finish for the decoration of props, artifacts, statues, metal furniture. It can be used as an exterior and interior decoration finish. It is a quick-drying, long durable, and beautiful lasting finish. We offer Copper, Bronze, silver, and Gold.

1K PU Glare - Angel Coating
Hammer Tone - Angel Coating

Hammer Tone

Hammertone Paint is an easy-to-use, quick-drying durable enamel that features a distinct hammered metal patterned finish. Ideal for light industrial applications the hammered finish assists in hiding surface imperfections. The hammered effect is popular for trailers, toolboxes, and can be used on all metal surfaces.

Wood Guard Finish

Wood Guard Finish is an Interior alkyd modified clear coating, which offers a good smooth finish, Hi-gloss, and hardness.

If you have any queries about Enamel Paints you can contact us at +91-9429002704 or mail us at info@angelcoating.com. Also, Angel Coating is offering Thinners for Wood Coating & Industrial Coating, Automotive Refinish Paints in Ahmedabad, India

Wood Guard Finish - Angel Coating
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