Special Finish (Specialized Finish Coating) Manufacturer

Angel Coating is of Special Finish and Specialized Coating (Specialized Finish Coating) manufacturer & supplier in Ahmedabad, India.

Angel Coating is offering Specialized Coating in different options at market-leading prices. These are formulated using high-grade ingredients that are procured from reliable vendors of the industry.

Our different variants are a combined effect of attractive appearance with excellent mechanical properties. Some of the metallic variants require a clear topcoat on them to eliminate the possibility of oxidation of the metallic pigments and to protect the integrity of the finish.

Specialized Finish Coating is must be finished with a minimum of two coats of 100% acrylic paint or an approved latex exterior paint system in accordance with Specialized Construction Products paint specifications.

Our Specialized Finish Services are routinely used in the aerospace industry, and also anodizing, plating, painting, heat treatments, toys, fittings, framing, automobile manufacturer industries, and many more.

Features & Applications

Features Of Special Finish

  • Power tools and marine components
  • Lawn and garden equipment
  • Furniture & Steel Door
  • Fitness and recreation equipment
  • Decorative Table Lamp
  • Tea Machine
  • Toys Etc.


Applications Of Insulating Varnish

  • Protective Coating For Electrical Equipment
  • Economical and easy to create
  • Motor Windings, Armatures & Field Coils
  • Wide varieties of Base Coat for both Indoor and Outdoor applications

Types of Specialized Coating

Plastic Coating

Plastic Coating - Angel Coating

Glass Coating

Glass Coating - Angel Coating

Insulating Varnish

Insulating Varnish - Angel Coating
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