Decorative Finish, Decorative Paint Manufacturers in Ahmedabad

Angel Coating is a top leading wood coating and wood paints manufacturing and supplier company based in Ahmedabad, India.

The products we are manufacturing and supplying like Enamel Paints, Satin Enamel, Synthetic Primer, Wall Primer for exterior and interior walls for industrial use.

We are offering an extremely wide range of decorative coatings and work successfully for the industries involved with household appliances, writing instruments, cosmetic products, toys, fittings, automobile manufacturers, and many others.

Common for all applications are that durability and surface design, form and function are crucial factors for the success and perceived value of the end product. Metal properties together with design properties in laminates give versatile material applicable to many areas of use.

Benefits of Decorative Finish & Paints

Consistent Quality


Cost Cutting

Allowing for new technologies

Clear and matte varnishes

Interference color effects

Types of Decorative Finish & Paints

Enamel Paints

1K PU Glare - Angel Coating

Satin Enamel

Satin Enamel - Angel Coating

Synthetic Primer

Synthetic Primer - Angel Coating

Wall Primer

Wall Primer - Angel Coating


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